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French Guiana Currency Code Euro (EUR)

International standard three-letter code defined in ISO 4217 known as the currency code for French Guiana is EUR define by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Euro (EUR) is the national currency for French Guiana. The ISO 4217 currency code for French Guiana currency of EUR is the established norm in banking and business all over the world for defining EUR currency. And in many countries the codes for the more common currencies are so well known publicly, that exchange rates published in newspapers or posted in banks use only these to define the unambigous different currencies. The EUR as defined in ISO 4217 for French Guiana is used on airline tickets and international train tickets to remove any ambiguity about the price.

Using publically defined French Guiana EUR, the spot exchange rate or the current exchange rate is defined for EUR. The forward exchange rate refers to an exchange rate that is quoted and traded today but for delivery and payment on a specific future date. For EUR currency their is buy exchange rate and sell exchange rate quoted in their bank. Buy exchange rate is low than the sell exchange rate because the trador buy at a lower rate and sell with a profit at higher rate.

Using daily updated European Central Bank's EUR, Euro (EUR) current currency exhange rates are displayed below along with other major currencies.

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Conversion to Euros, Pounds, US Dollars from other major currencies
1000 European Euro is about 1000.00739.901122.40
1000 US Dollar is about 890.95659.211000.00
1000 Japanese Yen is about 7.405.488.31
1000 Bulgarian Lev is about 511.30378.31573.88
1000 Czech Koruna is about 36.8927.2941.40
1000 Danish Krone is about 134.0399.17150.43
1000 Pound Sterling is about 1351.531000.001516.96
1000 Hungarian Forint is about 3.192.363.58
1000 Polish Zloty is about 235.37174.15264.17
1000 RON is about 226.32167.45254.02
1000 Swedish Krona is about 107.3979.46120.53
1000 Swiss Franc is about 914.41676.571026.34
1000 Norwegian Krone is about 106.6578.91119.70
1000 HRK is about 131.3597.18147.42
1000 RUB is about 13.7610.1815.44
1000 TRY is about 297.83220.37334.29
1000 Australian Dollar is about 633.67468.85711.24
1000 BRL is about 226.20167.36253.88
1000 Canadian Dollar is about 680.23503.30763.49
1000 CNY is about 140.14103.69157.29
1000 Hong Kong Dollar is about 114.9685.06129.03
1000 IDR is about
1000 ILS is about 230.29170.39258.48
1000 INR is about 13.6310.0815.29
1000 South Korean Won is about 0.760.560.86
1000 MXN is about 53.0139.2259.50
1000 MYR is about 204.24151.12229.24
1000 New Zealand Dollar is about 578.27427.86649.05
1000 PHP is about 19.2014.2021.55
1000 Singapore Dollar is about 625.55462.84702.11
1000 THB is about 24.5318.1527.53
1000 South African Rand is about 65.1048.1773.07
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